Field Trip Sites

Yucaipa - CA-SBr-004e - Yucaip'at site
Yucaipa - CA-SBr-005e - Gold Mountain site
Both at Riley's Farm in Oak Glen. For grades 6 through 12.

Download Info Pack for Yucaipa Site Field Trips (Acrobat format 48k)

CA-SBr-004e - Yucaip'at: Between Coast and Desert...
This simulated archaeological site is based on the Indian village that gave the of city of Yucaipa its name. The village of Yukaip’at was on the trade routes from the desert to the Pacific coast. What goods did its people gather and trade with others? Your students will discover a piece of past; before California was California.

CA-SBr-005e - Gold Mountain: Far from Home...
In the nineteenth century, California was known as “Gold Mountain” to the men who came to earn money for their families in China. Though some came for the Gold Rush, many more came as laborers; to build railways, irrigation systems, plant some of the first citrus groves. By excavating this simulated archaeological site, your students will investigate an important chapter in California and U.S. History.

Our Junior Archaeology Field School is a four hour field trip where elementary, middle and high school students learn about what archeologists do in the “field.”

When your class arrives they spend an hour-and-a-half leaning how archaeologists learn about the past. They learn the difference between observation and inference, the importance of context and about forming a hypothesis.

Then they spend an hour or more excavating in one of our mock archaeological sites.

After the excavation they analyze what they've found and build a hypothesis about what people where doing.

Share the Cost of the Bus..!
Although the archaeology program at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glenn can only accommodate one classroom a day, there other exciting opportunities at the Farm that a companion class can attend to fill the bus. Current programs include: The Revolutionary War, 19th Century Life (Riley's Farm), and The Gold Rush, and The Civil War (Crossbow Mining).

Riley's Farm - 909-797-7534
Crossbow Mining - 909-790-5852

Qualified folk guide your students through their on-site archaeology adventure. The students use the standard tools and methodology of archaeology. They notate and map their progress and finds. Everyone is wonderfully dirty.

Back at school, you guide your class through the process of combining the datum they've gathered to create an archaeological site report.

Finally, using their site reports and memories, students then record and catalog their finds and selected items and features which are added to our site reports. -- this allows everyone to keep up with the current status and new discoveries at the site!

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